innovative concentrates for a safer planet

Why concentrates are superior to liquid chemicals for water treatment

100% recyclable packaging,
no chemical drums go to landfills!
These 11 lb. bottles replace hazardous 550 lb. drums!
Blue Ocean product. Four, one-gallon recyclable jugs weighing less than 50-pounds take the place of a 55-gallon, 500-pound drum of hazardous liquid. Safer and more sustainable.
Eliminates potential for toxic chemical spills!
Decrease your carbon footprint: saves substantial water and energy!
Only needs 1/12th the storage space of typical chemical drums!
For facilities looking to reach a carbon neutrality date, Blue Ocean's safer and more sustainable water treatment option can help.

Carbon neutrality date nearing?

Converting from liquids to concentrates can make an enormous impact on your carbon footprint. Find out about our sustainabliity advantages >

Workers concerned with safety use Blue Ocean products to not only make their facility safer but more sustainable.

Optimize your facility’s safety

Especially during this global health crisis, the wellness and safety of your workforce is a primary concern. Discover the ways concentrates can improve safety at your facility >

Women appreciating the ease of handling of Blue Ocean's safer and more sustainable water treatment option.

Improve the bottom line

Looking for ways to lower costs? Concentrates can certainly deliver on many levels. Read more about the savings you’ll experience when making the switch from liquid chemistry >

Blue Ocean is a Professional Partner of Cincinnati's 2030 District which is working on creating a network of healthy, high-performing buildings.
Blue Ocean is proud to be a member of Green Umbrella, Greater Cincinnati's regional sustainability alliance.
Blue Ocean is a proud member of AWT, the Association of Water Technologies - our industry's organization that supports companies in the water treatment industry.
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