Still have additional questions about safe and sustainable concentrates? The questions below are some of the most frequent we have heard over our two decades in water treatment:

Will concentrates work on any size system? 
Concentrates are absolutely effective in most cooling and heating systems with the exception of power plants and refineries. Medical, educational, government, industrial and hospitality facilities around the globe currently use concentrates.

Why doesn’t more of the industry use this safer form to treat water?
Lack of awareness and the resistance to change are two key reasons concentrates have not been adopted in greater numbers. The water treatment industry unfortunately suffers from a “this is how we have always done it” mentality. Blue Ocean is changing that!

Will it be expensive to switch from traditional liquid water treatment to more sustainable Blue Ocean concentrates? 
There is a perception within the industry of a higher cost, however, it is simply not true. The initial cost of dissolving equipment is minimal. This one-time cost is insignificant compared to the risk and liability of utilizing a hazardous liquid water treatment program. For the well-being of your employees and our planet, Blue Ocean is committed to assuring that this minimal, one-time cost is not an obstacle as you choose to switch to concentrates.

Why can’t I buy direct?
Blue Ocean only partners with the most reputable and experienced water treatment service providers. Their service is imperative to prolonging the life of your equipment, maximizing efficiency, and controlling microbial growth.

Can my present water treatment service company provide Blue Ocean concentrates?
Please email or call our office at (419) 367-3502 for more information. 

Are concentrates as effective as liquid chemicals?
Yes! Same chemistry, different form. Not only are concentrates as effective but, due to a different manufacturing process, concentrates provide benefits that liquids do not. The potency of concentrates is also more consistent than liquid chemicals that must be pre-mixed with water and sodium hydroxide (caustic).

Can I receive LEED v4.1 points for using Blue Ocean concentrates?
Yes! There are several categories where a Blue Ocean concentrate water treatment program may qualify for LEED v4.1 points. Contact us for additional assistance.

Who is the service provider for Blue Ocean concentrates in my region/area?
We have carefully selected service providers who champion the need for concentrates. Our partners adhere to safety and sustainability standards while completely addressing our customers water treatment needs. Email or call us at (419) 367-3502 to be connected with your local Blue Ocean partner.

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