Water Treatment

Water plays a key role in the cooling and heating of commercial buildings, facilities and industrial processes. Understand why you need to treat it.

Do you remember the hydrological cycle (water cycle)?

This cycle picks up impurities (dissolved gases/solids) that can result in scale, corrosion, and microbial fouling. Scale as thin as a credit card can result in an increase up to 12% of additional energy costs and microbial fouling could be as much as a 25% increase. 

Why Treat?

We treat water to insure all the beneficial characteristics of water remains, while providing protection from:

SCALE DEPOSITS: energy robbing = wasted $

CORROSION: costly replacement of failed equipment and piping

FOULING: suspended material that can become part of deposits

MICROBIAL ATTACK: very energy consuming films that will also likely result in scale formation, increased deposition from fouling, increased corrosion attacks. Uncontrolled microbial activity can also increase risk and liability issues as in the case with Legionella bacteria

Treatment Success

Successful water treatment programs can be measured by the improvement of three key areas:

SAFETY: Protecting employees from exposure and risk. Read more about our safety benefits >

SUSTAINABILITY: Protect our environment from chemical waste abuse and contamination. Discover more sustainability benefits >

SAVINGS: Help our customer’s bottom line by protecting systems from energy robbing deposits and equipment from excessive corrosion. There are many opportunities for cost savings with Blue Ocean >

Did you know? The buildup of even 1/32″ of scale can cost 5–12% in additional fuel charges? Contact us to include Blue Ocean in your water treatment program and prevent efficiency issues like scale!
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