We make Blue Ocean concentrates for the well-being of everyone who is impacted by water treatment products.

Blue Ocean concentrates are a safer option for an effective water treatment program. Antiquated liquid water treatment programs pose a substantial risk to the well-being of employees, visitors, occupants, students, patients, or anyone else in your facility because of their hazardous nature. The following safety concerns are among those that are solved by using Blue Ocean concentrates:

Safer Handling

Handling a 55 gallon (550 lb.) drum, which contains a liquid at a pH of 14, can pose a serious health risk. Due to this high pH and the risk of a splash or spill, employees can be exposed to chemical burns. The heavy weight of a liquid drum can also contribute to other workplace injuries such as back strain and foot/hand trauma.

Four 11 lb. jars replace a 550 lb. drum of toxic chemicals!

Safer Transport

Accidents do occur in transit of chemicals. In 2019 alone, the Department of Transportation reported more than 22,000 spills involving hazardous chemicals while in transport and unloading/loading resulting in hospitalizations and fatalities. If accidents occur while transporting Blue Ocean concentrates, they will NOT create hazardous situations for neighboring communities or first-responders because there is no spill potential.

* Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (2019)

Safer Storage

Access to mechanical rooms is often difficult because they are typically in the basement or on the roof. Stairs, ladders, or ramps can often cause safety concerns in trying to store drums near the HVAC systems. A cleaner mechanical room is one that is safer for employees.

Twelve 44 lb. cases equals twelve 550 lb. drums!
Did you know? Some facilities use a 150 gallon small tote of toxic liquid chemicals that weighs 1500 lbs! Contact us to switch to easy-to-handle concentrates!
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