Our ultimate goal is to keep the planet safe for future generations.

Treating water in cooling and heating systems has many positive aspects for the environment. Treatment allows for the equipment to run more efficiently which uses less energy and allows the equipment to have a longer life. Beyond standard treatment benefits, Blue Ocean concentrates provide many more environmental advantages when compared to traditional liquid water treatment programs. 


There is a  significant weight difference between a standard chemical drum and Blue Ocean concentrates which makes our product much more efficient to transport. In fact, it takes 2½ times more fossil fuel to deliver a 550 lb. liquid drum compared to our product equivalent of Blue Ocean — a 44 lb. case. There is also greenhouse gas (GHG) savings due to reduction in both plastic usage and NaOH production.

Recyclable Packaging

A plastic drum of liquid chemicals must eventually be scrapped or placed in a landfill where leaks can occur. Blue Ocean packaging replaces that standard liquid chemical container with a 100% recyclable solution. Our #2 plastic bottles, as well as our corrugated shipping boxes, can be placed in with traditional recycling collections. Zero contributions to landfills.

recyclable packaging

drastic water savings

A traditional 550 lb. drum of hazardous liquid water treatment is approximately 80% water. A 44 lb. case of Blue Ocean concentrates contains 0% water. Our products also eliminate the need to triple rinse a chemical drum which saves more than 40 gallons of water for each drum.

drastic water savings
Still using liquid chemicals? Triple-rinsing is the only approved method of cleaning a drum before sending to landfill. Watch here

SAFE reintroduction

Water from heating and cooling systems has a lifespan and must, at some point, be flushed from the system into the environment. Traditional liquid water treatment has a pH of 14 — due to the sodium hydroxide (caustic) present — which has to be neutralized with a strong acid before it can be discharged from the system to the environment. Blue Ocean concentrates are manufactured with a pH of 7 and therefore do not have to be neutralized.

Did you know? A medium-size university can save 48.23 metric tons of CO2 by 2030 just by switching to Blue Ocean concentrates! Contact us to make the switch!
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