Using concentrates is the smart solution that saves money and time.

Blue Ocean is committed to helping facilities better understand the cost savings associated with adopting a safer and more sustainable water treatment program.

Reduced Liability

The average cost of a workers compensation claim in the US is $40,000. Using Blue Ocean concentrates will eliminate the liability associated with handling a 550 lb. drum of hazardous liquid within your facility. This liability also extends to any accident that may occur during transport of this material to your facility. The cost of a hazardous spill clean-up on a highway and associated negative public relations backlash can be devastating to a company.

Shipping Savings

Blue Ocean products can ship regular UPS or Fedex without any special accommodations. Because of this, shipping standard liquid chemicals costs almost FOUR TIMES more than shipping Blue Ocean concentrates for the same amount of treatment.

Reduced Storage Space

The space demanded in a mechanical room is decreased because the footprint of our small concentrated packaging allows for easier storage. Approximately twelve cases of Blue Ocean concentrates fit in the same footprint as one 550 lb. drum. One 44 lb. case of Blue Ocean concentrates (four 11 lb. jars) is equivalent to one 550 lb. drum of hazardous liquid water treatment.

Did you know? Handling a case of Blue Ocean solids from initial delivery through final disposal only takes a combined 10 minutes. Handling a 550 lb. drum is more than 10 times that! Contact us to make the switch!
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