Blue Ocean: Safer Alternative for Water Treatment

We spoke to Kathleen Collier, Director of Sales and Marketing at Blue Ocean Solids, about how they have introduced a safer, more sustainable, alternative to traditional hazardous liquids through solids water treatment that not only creates a safer working environment but protects the planet and makes a positive difference for climate change as well.

Tell us about Blue Ocean Solids

Blue Ocean Solids supplies water treatment products to protect cooling towers, boilers and closed-loop systems from scale, corrosion and microbial fouling. What makes Blue Ocean different is that instead of a hazardous liquid, Blue Ocean has taken the same proven formulations and concentrated them into a solid form that is dissolved onsite. One case of Blue Ocean products weighing less than 50 pounds takes the place of one 55-gallon drum of hazardous liquid weighing more than 500 pounds. Because of the smaller size and significant weight difference, Blue Ocean products offer major benefits when it comes to safety, sustainability and savings.

What inspired you to join the water/wastewater sector and can you tell us about your current role?

I actually lucked into the industry several years ago. I was in marketing for an IT company that was on shaky ground. I began looking for a new position and was hired at a manufacturer of water treatment products. I am so glad that a complete change in my career path happened. I am currently the Director of Sales and Marketing. I love my job and the industry I work in. Because of the benefits of our product, I am able to positively influence the safety and sustainability of facilities through education. It really is the best of both worlds for me as I get to educate end-users in the C&I market while continuing to work with the water treatment companies that I have built such great relationships with.

Do you feel that women are adequately represented in the water industry? If not, what are some of the ways we can make the workforce more representative?

No, not really. We are members of AWT and there are definitely more women than there were 13 years ago. I think continued education is needed. Just like most industries, there are many different roles available. As water becomes more and more scarce, the opportunity to be part of an industry that can really make a difference should be very appealing.

What are the benefits of having a clear diversity, equity, and inclusion company policy and does Blue Ocean Solids have one? 

The people of Blue Ocean are the most valuable asset that we have. To know that everyone within the organization is valued and applauded for what makes them unique creates the type of workplace where great things can happen! We currently do not have a diversity, equity and inclusion company policy, but it is something that we need to do as we continue to grow.

What steps are you taking to encourage women’s growth within your organisation and do you feel encouraged to grow as a woman within your organisation?

As Blue Ocean Solids continues to grow, we will be educating others on what we do and will be actively encouraging women to join our team! The company truly values my opinion and I have been given the opportunity not only to grow personally but also to play a major role in the growth of the organization.

And finally, what are your hopes for the future of women in the water/wastewater sector?

I think it is important for women to continue to join the industry. As women are being encouraged more and more to pursue STEM careers, I believe the opportunities will continue to grow. It will be great to see more women owning companies, out in the field and in sales and marketing roles. It’s an exciting time and I am extremely happy and consider myself blessed to be a part of it!

Blue Ocean Solids: Safer alternatives for water treatment
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