I Heard Paris is Beautiful in Late January

A couple of months ago, a few of my very best friends decided to forgo our yearly trip to Florida to spend time at a friend’s lake house in Michigan. We have traveled to Florida for 12 years but as we try to get through 2020 , plans have to change to keep our families and friends healthy. 

This is not about our friendship, golf, boating or belly laughs that hurt the next morning.  This about a small gesture which gave me hope for this planet.  My buddies come from all different backgrounds including very different political beliefs. What happened will seem insignificant but to me it was a small big event.  It had to do with aluminum cans. See this small lake community does not have the funds to pick up recycling. Without hesitation, everyone offered to take the cans home and put them into our communities recycling bins. This was not some small endeavor, remember its 2020. We had some built up quarantine energy.  I believe Werner ladder called us to thank us for the 1000 20ft aluminum ladders we helped build from that weekend! (and 95% energy savings by using recycled aluminum)

I get pissed when I walk my dog on Monday mornings and I see several homes that do not have recycling bins. It is a tiny group that does not recycle but Why? My family generates 10 times more recycling than trash. Recycling does not have a political connotation to it so most people do it. But why does climate change, Global warming, Greenhouse gas , soil desertification, renewable energy, biodiversity, or carbon footprint become a political statement?    

I always loved the slogan that “There is not a planet B”. If you look at our planet from an astronaut’s view, you know that our blue marble is a finite planet. We have already been through five mass extinctions and why would we not do EVERYTHING possible to protect our future. Protect our kids future, their kids future. Quit distracting yourself with shiny objects and really think about what is really important to you. It is not politics, it is not the cost, it is doing the right thing to help mother nature continue to heal itself for our great great grandkids.  

I am proud that Blue Ocean Solids can make a difference in reducing carbon footprint and providing a safer work environment, but we need to be in this together.  Renewable energy, carbon footprint reduction, soil regeneration, fish free zones, transition to electric powered vehicles should be celebrated concepts not political talking points. Lets lead the world again in caring for our planet.

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