Blue Ocean helping meet sustainability goals

Currently 40% of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings. Facility managers are responsible for managing building operations. As more companies look to reduce their carbon footprint, these facility managers are being asked to take a more active role in helping their company meet these sustainability goals. 

To prove the importance of this, in a recent poll of facility managers, around 80% of respondents declared sustainability to be a MAJOR PRIORITY at the board or department level while approximately 65% thought sustainability initiatives were the right thing to do.

BLUE OCEAN water treatment products can help facility managers working to meet these sustainability goals. BLUE OCEAN can actually help in all three pillars of sustainability – PEOPLEPLANET and PROFIT

  • PEOPLE – BLUE OCEAN concentrated products are a safer option. Because of the solid, concentrated, smaller size, BLUE OCEAN products are safer to handle, safer to transport and safer to store!
  • PLANET – Because of the smaller size and non-hazardous nature, BLUE OCEAN products allow for a carbon emissions reduction, 100% recyclable packaging and water savings in your water treatment program. 
  • PROFIT – Because a 50-pound case of BLUE OCEAN concentrates takes the place of a 500-pound drum of liquid treatment, a company can realize savings due to reduced liability, significant shipping savings and a reduced need for storage space. 

It’s time to make the change… to SAFER, more SUSTAINABLE BLUE OCEAN SOLIDS!

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