Women with Blue Ocean Box

Blue Ocean reduces risk because of their smaller size making them easier to handle, they are 75% cheaper to ship and require much less square footage to store.

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SAFETY is undeniably one of the most important aspects of managing a facility. Nobody wants to worry about safety risks or liabilities, especially when it comes to everyday needs such as water. BLUE OCEAN concentrates are a safer option for an effective water treatment program for your cooling towers and boilers. Antiquated liquid water treatment programs pose a

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What is water treatment and why is it needed

A good water treatment program keeps expensive equipment running efficiently and prolongs its life. Blue Ocean makes water treatment safer and more sustainable.

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Who is Blue Ocean Solids

Blue Ocean Solids provides water treatment for cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. What makes us different, safer and more sustainable is our smaller, concentrated, non-hazardous nature.

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