Women with Blue Ocean Box

Increased productivity and reduced expenses are continuous goals of all companies and facilities. BLUE OCEAN is committed to helping facilities better understand the cost savings associated with adopting a safer and more sustainable water treatment program. Learn what can benefit you and your facility, starting today.

With BLUE OCEAN Solids, liability is reduced through the elimination of handling a 550 lb. drum of hazardous liquid within your facility. The average workers comp claim in the US is $40,000, which can be devastating for a company. Avoid this with easy to handle concentrates instead! In addition, benefit from 75% cheaper shipping for BLUE OCEAN products over liquid hazardous chemicals shipping. Our products can ship regular UPS or Fedex without any special accommodations. Because of this, shipping standard liquid chemicals costs almost FOUR TIMES more than shipping BLUE OCEAN concentrates for the same amount of treatment. When it comes to storage, approximately twelve cases of BLUE OCEAN concentrates fit in the same footprint as one 550 lb. drum. This is 12x more square footage needed to store liquid chemical drums. Store more, save more.

Don’t waste money or time… use BLUE OCEAN SOLIDS!

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