Who is Blue Ocean Solids

Currently 40% of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings, and as you know, the responsibility for managing building operations while also being sustainable is an ongoing goal for facility managers. As more companies look to reduce their carbon footprint, facility managers are being asked to take a more active role in helping their company meet these sustainability goals. So how can you do this?

Through Blue Ocean Solids, we provide water treatment for cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. Our products keep this expensive equipment running efficiently and protects it from scale, corrosion and microbial fouling. What makes Blue Ocean differentsafer and more sustainable is that we have taken the same proven formulations and put it into a concentrated, solid form. Water treatment has traditionally come in 55-gallon, 500-pound drums of hazardous liquids. One case of Blue Ocean weighing less than 50 pounds takes the place of the 55-gallon drum (think Tide Pods compared to Tide liquid).

It’s time to reach your sustainability goals all while creating a safer work environments and protecting our planet. Take the initiative with Blue Ocean Solids.

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