What is water treatment and why is it needed

Water plays a key role in the cooling and heating of a commercial building, facility, or industrial process, and as a facility manager, you may already know this! However, the importance of water treatment is not stressed enough.

Flashback to 5th grade when you are learning about the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and surface runoff, then all over again on a never ending cycle. Throughout this cycle, impurities such as dissolved gases and solids are picked up resulting in scale, corrosion, and microbial fouling. Scale as thin as a credit card can result in an increase up to 12% of additional energy costs and microbial fouling could be as much as a 25% increase.

So why should you treat your building’s water? Scale deposits cause energy to be robbed, costing and wasting money. Replacing failed equipment and piping due to corrosion is a high expense, and fouling suspends material that can become part of deposits. Even more, microbial attacks are very energy consuming films that will also likely result in scale formation, increased deposition from fouling, and increased corrosion.

Don’t let your water go untreated. Use BLUE OCEAN SOLIDS for better safety, sustainability, and savings!

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