SAFETY is undeniably one of the most important aspects of managing a facility. Nobody wants to worry about safety risks or liabilities, especially when it comes to everyday needs such as water. BLUE OCEAN concentrates are a safer option for an effective water treatment program for your cooling towers and boilers. Antiquated liquid water treatment programs pose a substantial risk to the well-being of employees, visitors, occupants, students, patients, or anyone else in your facility because of their hazardous nature. With BLUE OCEAN solids, safety concerns are solved.

Handling a 55 gallon, 550-pound drum of hazardous liquid (pH of 14), can pose a serious health risk. Due to this high pH and the risk of a splash or spill, employees can be exposed to chemical burns. With BLUE OCEAN solids, safer handling is employed through four 11-pound jars rather than one 550-pound drum.  When a chemical product arrives at a facility, stairs, ladders, or ramps can often cause safety concerns in trying to store drums near the HVAC systems. With BLUE OCEAN solids, the 11-pound  jars are easy to handle and safe to move throughout the building, wherever you may need them.

Choose the SAFER option for you, your facility, and those in it. Choose BLUE OCEAN!

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